Kart Exhaust Pipes - Quarter Midget Exhaust - Mini Bike Pipes - Exhaust Systems!

Brute Power Pipes offers the latest in Quarter Midget, Karting and Mini Bike pipes and exhaust systems available today.

We also offer many kits and components for racers and shops to fabricate their own exhaust systems.

Our products have helped many racers find their way to victory lane - now it's your turn to start winning!


Laser Cut Components - Ceramic Coatings - Highest Quality Materials & Hardware

Quarter Midgets: Brute Power Pipes has an extensive lineup of pipes and exhaust components for Midget racers. With products and systems for Honda and World Formula.

Our Exhaust offerings have won many classes since the products made their debut.
Every product we offer is designed to make the most horsepower and improve performance, while proving to be dependable and durable under the stress of competition.

In addition to our standard quality components we also offer the "Elite Edition" option for many of our products, which allows for certain coating of choice to be added or other customer requested options such as header wrap to be added to our products.

Karting Products: Brute Power Pipes has been involved with Karting exhaust systems since day one! We offer the perfect exhaust or pipe system for every engine need. From the "old school" Briggs Flat head motor to the newest Animal engine, Honda or Clone engine in use today -we've got it.

Many top engine builders use our pipes, some even brand them as their own in hopes of keeping their performance advantage!

We are constantly doing R&D work to improve our products and feedback from the engine builders helps us keep our products doing the best job for every racer. No matter if you build your own engines or buy them from a top tuner -you can rest assured your getting the best we offer with every product we make.
Mini Bikes & Others: Brute Power Pipes has joined in creating products for unique needs. Mini biker racers and riders can now get our products to help their performance. Lawn Mower Racers / Jr. Dragster competitors can also benefit from using our products.

We are always looking to expand our product lines, no matter what you are playing with at the track or in the yard, likely we have something to help you go faster or meet the rules you compete by. Feel free to contact us with any unique needs -we enjoy a challenge and if you have a need, it's likely another customer will as well!
Apparel & Other Items: Brute Power Pipes offers a wide variety of other products besides Exhaust related items. Also available are apparel items, carbon fiber products, header bolt kits and mounting hardware etc.

We also offer a wide selection of Tire Treatment products for all types of track conditions. Karting competitors can even purchase fiberglass body kits and seats from us as well. Visit our online store area to see how diverse our product offerings are!

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